MCC Lubbock offers many ministry opportunities for people to utilize their gifts and talents.  If you desire more information or a contact name for any ministry, please contact the church office at 792-5562.


Altar/Sanctuary Guild

The altar guild ministry is responsible for preparing the sanctuary and altar for Sunday worship.  They also prepare the sanctuary and altar for special occasions like baptisms, Holy Unions, and weddings.  The maintenance and creation of altar dressings and banners are also important duties of guild members.  They lead the decorating of the sanctuary and altar for the Christmas and Easter seasons.


Building Ministry

Taking care of the building inside and out is the focus of the building ministry.  They do repairs and routine maintenance on the church buildings.  This ministry provides ample opportunity for those skilled in building maintenance work or for those who would like to learn.


Children’s Church Ministry

The children’s ministry gathers each Sunday to share God’s word and love with the children of the church through Bible stories, crafts, activities, and music in a Sunday school setting.  Children’s church includes a nursery for infants and toddlers and Sunday school for ages 4-12 with a staff of 2-3 instructors.  The ministry also provides a Vacation Bible School each summer.


Congregational Care Ministry

This ministry is responsible for sending welcome, birthday, get well, missing you, and thinking of you cards.  They also make hospital and home visits and assist when there are special needs in the congregation.


Finance/Budget Team

This committee assists the Board of Servants by putting the budget together each year and looking at good places of investment for future monies and endowments.


Grounds Ministry

This ministry is in charge of maintaining the grounds of the church property.  They plant flowers, water and mow the lawn, and oversee the upkeep of the grounds equipment.


Helping Hands Ministry

The Helping Hands Ministry is a ministry of outreach to the Lubbock community.  They manage a monthly offering and a food pantry.  The ministry members are responsible for stocking the pantry and preparing the food bags that are given out each week from the pantry.


Hospitality Ministry

Hospitality serves refreshments in the church social hall, Palmer Hall, after the Sunday morning worship services.  This time provides the church body an opportunity to connect socially with one another.  This ministry oversees church dinners and potlucks.


Marge Washam Memorial Sign Choir

This group signs music at various times and sometimes with our PRAISE Team on Sundays.  It is named after Marge Washam, a beloved member, who began the Sign Choir at MCC Lubbock.


Music Ministry

Music is a vital component for the worship services of our church.  This ministry includes pianists, directors of congregational music, and choirs for special occasions.  The Praise Team leads the congregation in praise music for Sunday morning music.


Power of Prayer Ministry

This ministry connects through our Facebook chat group, and through prayer vigils throughout the year. We share concerns, praises, and fellowship to keep our members and friends uplifted throughout the week.


Rainbow Seekers Small Faith Communities

The Rainbow Seekers Small Faith Communities ministry is our small group ministry.  We have several groups, which meet in in the homes of church members or the church building.  These groups pray and study together in a spirit of fun and fellowship.  In addition, they plan service projects for our church and local community.


Stewardship Ministry

Our church believes that we are called to be good stewards of God’s blessings.  This ministry serves to encourage the church body to be Covenant Keepers. The members and friends of MCC Lubbock are asked to make a covenant with God through our church in six areas: Financial Support, Prayer, Presence, Service, Spiritual Growth, and Witness.  They plan creative activities and campaigns to teach the church body about stewardship.


Strategic Planning Committee

This committee is an appointed committee that helps the Board of Servants in determining where God wants us in a year, five years and even ten years.  They have an evolving strategic plan that continues to be updated.


Worship Ministry

This ministry oversees the organization and running of the worship services.  The Worship Team meets to do major planning for this ministry.  In this ministry, one may serve as coordinator, greeter, usher, communion holder, sound technician, multimedia technician, and scripture reader.